Residential & Commercial Surveys

Residential Building Surveys

A Building Survey may be required by a purchaser of older property, or by a concerned Lender especially if movement and cracking or severe dampness and decay was detected within the Mortgage Valuation Report.

Therefore in order for the loan to proceed a further report by a qualified building surveyor or structural engineer may be required. This is usually in the form of a Building Survey which is an investigation and assessment of the construction and condition of a building and will not normally include advice on value. The survey will generally include the structure, fabric, finishes, and grounds; the exposure and testing of services are not usually covered.

The report will include reference to visible defects and guidance as appropriate on maintenance and remedial measures. We communicate with the client shortly after the survey, and the written report follows as soon as is practicable.

The Report will include an in depth description and summary of the property inclusive of digital insertion of annotated photographs within the text for ease of reading.

Commercial Building Surveys

In the context of commercial and industrial buildings the need to carefully establish and evaluate the client’s requirements is essential.

Conversely, aspects such as suitability for purpose, security, fire precautions and state of repair may become more important or a feasibility study may have to be incorporated for alterations/change of use requires an understanding of the client’s needs which should be clarified at an early stage.

Prospective lessees may often need to arrange for the preparation of a schedule of condition before the commencement of the lease.

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