Party Wall Disputes & Boundary Disputes

There are three main situations that can arise regarding boundaries:

  • Party Wall etc Act 1996: This applies where someone wishes to carry out work on or close to a boundary. The work may be the erection of a new structure, changes to an existing structure or an intention to carry out excavations. If you are planning to carry out work near your boundary, or your neighbour intends to carry out work near your boundary, you may wish to discuss this with a Party Wall Surveyor (Chartered Surveyor)
  • Boundary Disputes: This is where there is disagreement between two or more neighbours regarding where a boundary lies. The surveyor will make a thorough investigation initially via ‘deed plans’ prior to any form of delineation and interpolation of the boundary.
  • Boundary Surveys: This is the process of carrying out a survey to define where a new boundary will go or to establish where an existing boundary lies.

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